Delivering as Plenary Speaker at NaSTec Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Coordinator of the Master in Environmental Science Study Program Represents Udayana University

Prof. Ir. Ida Ayu Astarini, M.Sc., Ph.D., as coordinator of the Postgraduate Environmental Science Master's Study Program at Udayana University, was present as a plenary speaker at the 1st Natural Science & Technology Conference (NaSTec) 2023. The conference, organized by the Faculty of Science and Resource Technology, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), took place from October 4 to 6, 2023, at the Waterfront Hotel, Kuching, Sarawak. With the theme "Sustaining Biodiversity Across Cultures and Research Through Science and Technology," the conference presented various speakers from the UK, India, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia, as well as participants from academics, scientists, researchers, and students from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Together with two main speakers and three other plenary speakers, Prof. Astarini, who specializes in the field of "plant breeding and tissue culture," provided an in-depth understanding regarding the importance of tissue culture technology in plant development and biological resource conservation, as well as its impact on biodiversity sustainability.

"I am very grateful to be invited as a speaker at this conference. This is a very good opportunity to introduce Udayana University, more specifically the Postgraduate and Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, at the ASEAN level. We also have the opportunity to display the results of the research we have carried out so far. "Several UNIMAS staff plan to visit UNUD early next year to strengthen cooperation in the fields of education, research, and community service," said Prof. Astarini.

Apart from facilitating meetings between academics, scientists, researchers, and students from various educational and research institutions, participants were also given the opportunity to present the results of their research through presentation sessions and panel discussions. This makes NaSTec 2023 the perfect forum to forge collaborations, exchange information, explore potential collaborations, and expand professional networks among resource science and technology experts. (KKn)